The man behind the mirror.


[Edit: As per comments from my pals, this is not a pout. I have braces and, even without them, when I smile my lips go bigger… dangit Dave…]

Hey guys, so here’s part of the small update about myself I mentioned in my first, albeit only post!

I am 21 years old and I live just outside of Cardiff, Wales. United Kingdom, for those who only know what England is, we are the landmass set to the left of aforementioned country! Now you know.

The very first time I went lone-wolf on an adventure of my own was in 2015. I visited Kiev, Ukraine. Of course, I had no idea back then I would be starting a blog in two years time – so I don’t have many photos. I can write about the experience though, and include what (somewhat) worthy photos I did take. Of course, this was around the time Crimea was annexed by Russia, some people were not pleased with my decision to visit ha.

I currently work in Bristol, England (see, not wales, or the ‘United Kingdom’ England) having recently moved home from [insert country here].

Also, on a slight side-note and to finish off this snippet of mine, if you’d like to contact me about (anything, really…) learning English (me, as your private tutor) then please do not hesitate. is my email address. I’ll offer you more on relevant posts. I tried to word that email bit differently but it kept messing with the format, and none of us are about that.

Cheers for now,