So I looked and was enticed…

I remember a few years ago, working my first job, I bought myself a DSLR. That isn’t to say I remember the make, model or specification however. I didn’t like it, ultimately. Thinking I had wasted my newfound money because I done with it what I had been doing with my iPhone all along. “DSLRs, no point” I remember whistling to a tune in my mind as I gleefully returned it at the Post Office. “Heck yes, tried and tested. Glad I can send it back” while this may be true that I am still glad I returned that camera then, paving the way for future me to know what the heck I actually wanted one for in the first place.

The time has come. I’ve decided my Samsung S8+ camera is, while good enough, not enough. And with that, I took to the streets (eBay) and found me a mighty fine Nikon Entry-level DSLR. The D3000 to be precise. While I am completely amateur in my capabilities as a technical photographer, I do take some pretty darn good photos. I felt like a fraud, a cheat, without a good camera (note; camera, not mobile) and so here I am. I do travel quite a bit, not so much over the next year but before now and after that I’ll be on the move. With me, you and my camera shall come. I will test out my new camera and post the results, unedited (I prefer a good photo off of the bat, none of that post-processing ‘nonsense’) for you to see.

[Please note, this is an eBay image. This is not my room…]

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Cheers, chow for now, ILL BE BACK *terminator*