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Timothy Short

Freelance English Professional

The Era of the Nintendo

When thinking of gaming, our thoughts belong to the Xbox and PlayStation. Some, like myself, think of the PC. Divert that train of thought, however, and let’s go a different direction with this. You’ll find yourself (you should be…) imaging Nintendo’s handheld consoles, amongst many other competitors. It goes without saying how pivotal the Nintendo handhelds were in the industry. Their statistics speak for themselves;

  • NES System, over 62 million units sold – 1987 (UK)
  • Game Boy, over 119 million units sold – 1990 (Europe)
  • SNES System, 49 million units sold – 1992 (Europe)
  • Game Boy Advance, 81 million units sold – 2001 (EU & NA)
  • DS, 154 million units sold – 2005 (Europe)
  • Wii, 101 million units sold – 2006 (All Markets)
  • 3DS, 65 million units sold – 2011 (All Markets)
  • Switch, over 4.8 million units sold in 10 months


Those with a keen eye will notice I’ve omitted some of the consoles. You should also take note of the fact; Nintendo sold more handhelds per launch than consoles. The only exception to this being the Wii. Which was of course, a great success. Nintendo since tried its hand with the Wii U. As great a flop as any, unfortunately.

For generations (or, decades) the Nintendo has been a cheap and joyful option for parents to provide their children. I remember getting my first Game Boy when Finding Nemo came out on cartilage. I still have them both, and the mass of other games I’d accumulated over the years.

With the ever-increasing popularity of consoles, does that mean Nintendo has seen its heyday?

I can only speak for myself, but I keep my 3DS with me when I travel. I’m certainly not going to shy away from the fact I still play Pokémon on there.


What Console would you choose to game with right now?


Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to pick your favourite bundle of games!






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Purchasing a new camera

So I looked and was enticed…

I remember a few years ago, working my first job, I bought myself a DSLR. That isn’t to say I remember the make, model or specification however. I didn’t like it, ultimately. Thinking I had wasted my newfound money because I done with it what I had been doing with my iPhone all along. “DSLRs, no point” I remember whistling to a tune in my mind as I gleefully returned it at the Post Office. “Heck yes, tried and tested. Glad I can send it back” while this may be true that I am still glad I returned that camera then, paving the way for future me to know what the heck I actually wanted one for in the first place.

The time has come. I’ve decided my Samsung S8+ camera is, while good enough, not enough. And with that, I took to the streets (eBay) and found me a mighty fine Nikon Entry-level DSLR. The D3000 to be precise. While I am completely amateur in my capabilities as a technical photographer, I do take some pretty darn good photos. I felt like a fraud, a cheat, without a good camera (note; camera, not mobile) and so here I am. I do travel quite a bit, not so much over the next year but before now and after that I’ll be on the move. With me, you and my camera shall come. I will test out my new camera and post the results, unedited (I prefer a good photo off of the bat, none of that post-processing ‘nonsense’) for you to see.

[Please note, this is an eBay image. This is not my room…]

I’d also ask for you, if you see this post, to please follow my blog. It would mean a great deal and can lead to great collaboration’s. If any of you have hints or tips, or even ideas, for me regarding the blog or getting a following / creating content please contact me on my email address!

Cheers, chow for now, ILL BE BACK *terminator*


Me, Myself, I


The man behind the mirror.


[Edit: As per comments from my pals, this is not a pout. I have braces and, even without them, when I smile my lips go bigger… dangit Dave…]

Hey guys, so here’s part of the small update about myself I mentioned in my first, albeit only post!

I am 21 years old and I live just outside of Cardiff, Wales. United Kingdom, for those who only know what England is, we are the landmass set to the left of aforementioned country! Now you know.

The very first time I went lone-wolf on an adventure of my own was in 2015. I visited Kiev, Ukraine. Of course, I had no idea back then I would be starting a blog in two years time – so I don’t have many photos. I can write about the experience though, and include what (somewhat) worthy photos I did take. Of course, this was around the time Crimea was annexed by Russia, some people were not pleased with my decision to visit ha.

I currently work in Bristol, England (see, not wales, or the ‘United Kingdom’ England) having recently moved home from [insert country here].

Also, on a slight side-note and to finish off this snippet of mine, if you’d like to contact me about (anything, really…) learning English (me, as your private tutor) then please do not hesitate. is my email address. I’ll offer you more on relevant posts. I tried to word that email bit differently but it kept messing with the format, and none of us are about that.

Cheers for now,



A jolly good evening…

If you’re here it’s no doubt in relation to my teaching of English. That being said, it may have been the travel photos (as I type this, my site is blank. This is for the future you…) and blog posts that had drawn you to my site. Perhaps just coincidence or an accidental click. Whatever the case, I’m glad you came!


While I have you here, I would like to briefly talk about what all of this is, exactly. What I am setting up is a website (of course… it isn’t a billboard poster!) that allows my students, both current and to be, to interact with myself. My other goal is to have a successful travel blog attached. Ultimately? This website is about me teaching English and showing off where I have lived and travelled.

Do the two fall together, you may ask? Well, I say so.